In a poll of women, a majority reported feeling their most beautiful at age 28.   

Your 20's are a perfect time to create good skin habits that will be the foundation of proactive aging.  We aren't going to tell you that you need a face full of injections and expensive creams to look hot, but there is science to support that early intervention is the most effective.  Look to your family members to get an idea of what's to come.  

Genetically speaking, my sister and I are blessed with great hair and thick eyebrows but we are prone to big arms, heavy breasts and a chin waddle.  Yay for us!  Our genetics influence the aesthetic plan we can map out together to age proactively into our golden years. 

The body is often still prone to acne breakouts and residual scarring in your 20's.   Blue light BBL Forever Clear therapy coupled with medical grade skin care will combat permanent problems.  Let us help you with both to put your best face forward.
Here are a few recommendations:
Consistent Daily Physical, Non-Chemical UVA & UVB Sun Protection
Smooth Worry Lines
Microdosing Botox for worry lines and 11's (the crease lines between your eyebrows) can retrain the muscles to prevent permanent lines.   We aren't going to overdo it.  You have great volume and skin integrity at this age so a little dab will do ya!
Full, dark beautiful lashes aren't always given to us naturally.  You'll be all a flutter with prescription strength Latisse.  This product is clinically proven and FDA approved to create length, thickness and darkening of our natural lashes when applied as directed.  Originally formulated to treat glaucoma, the old men started arriving for their check ups in style, with a surprising side effect of luxurious lashes.  Nevermind glaucoma, our emphasis is on the sweet lashes!!!
UVA rays are the sun's aging rays and UVB rays are the burning rays.  You've been told to protect your skin a million times but choosing the right product is critical.  We love EltaMD sunscreens which use zinc oxide, a natural mineral compound.  Zinc works by refelcting and reducing the broadest range of UVA & UVB ultraviolet rays.  No, you won't turn pasty white by using this formulation of zinc!  The universal iron tint of this product blends incredibly with most skin tones.  This broadspectrum protection helps prevent skin from burning, sun induced early skin aging, and the risk of skin cancer.
Lip Enhancement & Definition
Who wouldn't want a gentle plumping to their pout?  Shaping and volumizing the lip ever so slightly can add a little drama to our look.  So fun!