A decade marked by more wisdom, confidence and success deserves the mirror to reflect how you feel in your heart.

While forehead and cheek fat is decreasing, other areas like the mouth and jaw line start to gain redistributed facial fat in your 50's.  This leads to contour deficiencies, areas of prominent volume loss and the dreaded "jowling. "  Let us help you navigate fat and bone loss intervention to restore your natural facial framework and youthful beauty. 

Our faces are like an iceberg where 2/3 of the iceberg is under the water.  We cannot simply concentrate on the surface of the skin because without the structural support under the skin, there are noticeable changes in the overlying soft tissue.  Scientific breakthroughs are helping us get to the cause of facial aging rather than inadequately treating the effects on the surface.

Here are a few recommendations:

Forever Young BBL: A Fountain of Youth
Cheekbone Support
Framework Support
Voluma filler injections on the cheekbones address 3 concerns in 1 treatment: volume loss in the mid-face, sagging tissue in the jawline and contour irregularity of the cheekbones.  The lift in this area of the face gives the most natural correction and is such a great bang for the buck with 2-years of product longevity.
Volume loss is evident in the temples, in front of the ear and along the jawline where bone and fat have receded over the years.  A series of Sculptra (one vial per decade of life) added to these areas will naturally boost framework to support areas of volume loss.  This correction is always refreshing because it is directed at the root of what is perceived as an aged look.  Sculptra also stimulates your own tissue growth so you have a better baseline of facial support over time.  Evidence has shown the results to last 5-years post injection due to this collagen stimulation
Very exciting news from Stanford research about the Broadband Light Photofacial (BBL) technology we offer showed convincing evidence that the skin is repaired to a healthier more youthful state at a genetic level.  When performed on an annual or semi-annual basis, this treatment literally slows down the aging process of the skin.  Active acne and scarring, brown spots and broken capillaries on the face are significantly improved with very little down time.  Reveal new, brighter tissue with a healthy glow in 1-3 visits!
Microneedling with Radio Frequency (RF) is hot science in our industry right now and has demonstrated a true collagen induction therapy.  The tool is an automated medical grade device that "aerates" the tissue to stimulate new collagen.  The result is healthier, new skin.  Over time, with a series of treatments, you will see a decrease in fine lines and crepey tissue.  Stretch marks and scars are also visibly reduced with this great tech for proactive aging!